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Partners of the Platform

Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Health and the members of the Rare Disease Platform

The main officials of the Platform with Minister Xavier Bertrand during his visit March 3, 2011

Since its creation, the Rare Disease Platform has been supported by the AFM-Téléthon, through donations to the Téléthon. In 2011, the AFM Téléthon funded logistics operation of the platform up to 200,000 Euros. It also supports all structures on the Platform. In total, its annual support reaches nearly 4 million Euros.

The other partner of the Platform is the French Ministry of Health which has provided an annual grant for the functioning of the site since 2006. The Second French National Plan for rare diseases (2011/2014) also provides for "further support for the functioning and the international influence of the Rare Disease Platform". In 2011, the grant from the Ministry amounted to 60,000 Euros.